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Let's travel around Europe !

There are several ways to discover Europe. For this year, people like to explore Europe by train or boat. This site offers you the different ways to indulge yourself by admiring nature, culture and especially the hospitality of Europeans, its culinary art to explore and the tourist business side and others.

The paperwork issue of Europe

As with every trip, you need a passport to travel throughout Europe. Each country has its own legislation, but you always need a visa. A medical examination and a full vaccination should also be established. You need to register for travel insurance. Children must bring their school identity card and vaccination certificate. You then have a document to write for the chosen means of transport, the number of stays granted and the people who are travelling with you. If you are travelling with a baby or a person with reduced mobility, this should also be mentioned. It is totally feasible to travel with a pet that has had the authorization of the veterinarian for this.

The best destinations in Europe

For the train trip, the best plan is to take the train from Paris to Sarajevo, then we go through Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Croatia. It was just an idea, but you with several options that are informed by this site. You can do Road Trip to minimize expenses. You can go to Morocco and cross a good part of sand and others. Switzerland is a better destination, especially for people who want to be noticed by its holiday souvenir basket. Portugal is also a special itinerary. Russia is part of a real discovery of a new institution. Berlin, which is part of the travel logbook for pleasure boats. Corsica, Italy, Greece and other destinations that are lost through the crystal-clear beauty of the water. The Netherlands, Spain with a well-defined structure for those who love the sea.

There are more than 150 countries configured among the most visited in Europe, of which about fifteen are selected by European tourist agencies that offer various activities.